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Good Afternoon Teachers….


Thank you, Tom Mertz, J. Donald Steele, Jr., and David Zartman for making this possible.  Without them, there would be no need for this email.  We are so grateful to each of you for all you do for all of us. 


The address and phone for the location are below: 


3000 Point Township Drive (Rt. 11)

Northumberland PA 17857-8864

P. (570) 275-4400


My first draft of an agenda is attached.  Our new special guest is Robert Garrett, President of the Susquehanna Chamber of Commerce and he will have a small presentation right before the awards. 


The team from PennCFL looks forward to seeing you on March 14th with the entire presentation starting promptly at 9am. Please come earlier if you want to eat a light snack and check the technology and set up for the room.  Lunch will be on or before noon, and when the judges finish judging over their lunch, I expect that everything will be completed by 1:30 pm, if not earlier.  If you are using the laptop provided, come with ample time to check and make sure it works for you, before the event starts. 


The Zartman’s Construction on the Norry/Danville highway.  It’s an easy drive, access and parking.  You do not need to bring a business plan but if you have one, it would be good to give a copy to each judge.     


The GOAL is that I order the Amazon E-Gift Cards at the event, which is very viable, if I’m well prepared.  Everyone walks away with their prize instantly in their inbox, and we make a great audit trail.   


  • Students have up to ten minutes for their presentation

  • Judges have up to five minutes for questions

  • Guidelines are attached.

  • You may use technology but you only have 2 minutes max to set it up, so please come prepared and before your presentation, make sure you are viable.  I will have a laptop and internet connection for you, with PowerPoint View Only  loaded.  Please access your data with a thumb drive or internet access. 


While this event is to be as real life as possible (rubric free), again, I have created and attached an outline.  This provides better expectations for you and your students.  It also helps the judges.


A breakfast snack will be provided in addition to an nice lunch.  Everything is free. 


Your students will be given $10,000 (fun money) to invest in other teams, and that will create a second competition for what we call the Student Investment/Choice Award.  The team with the most money wins an additional prize.


I think is a good starting point, for you.  The prizes will be in total of at least $600.  It’s been traditional to let the judges have freedom to divide out the money, and at the teachers meeting that day, we’ll amend those rules, if necessary.  There is always a teacher prize and a team prize.


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Thank you for your patience. 

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