Stock Challenge General Information


  • Starting Cash: $100,000.00 

  • Stocks, EFTs, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Options

  • Minimum Buy Price: $5.00

  • Commission Fee: $10.00 

  • Two Stocks Minimum – 50%

  • Interest on Cash Balance: 1%

  • Short Selling and Margin Trading Allowed 

  • Margin Trading Allowed

  • Interest on Margin Accounts (borrowing) - 8%


  • Only teachers register, no students

  • Once in a lifetime registration and you simply login and join new games, each semester

  • Practice games start immediately*

  • Games reset before the game start dates

  • Click here to register

* Start making trades immediately and the game will reset the Friday before the competition starts, after the market closes at 5 pm, and all trades will then go into the new game that begins at 9:30 am, the opening of the market, on the first day of the competition.

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