Stock Market Challenge Prizes

Fall & Spring Divisions: 

                                                                   High, Middle & Elementary School    

  Prizes per Division:**

  • First Place:  $100 student; $25 teacher

  • Second Place:  $50 student; $20 teacher

  • Third Place:  $25 student; $20 teacher

  • Fourth Place:  $20 student; $15 teacher

  • Fifth to Eighth Place:  $20 student; $10 teacher

  • Ninth & Tenth:  $10 student; $10 teacher

Additional Spring Prizes*


Sponsored Counties get even more!

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All Divisions Combined 

  • First Place:  $150; $50 teacher

  • Second Place:  $100 student; $25 teacher

  • Third Place:  $50 student; $20 teacher

  • Fourth to Sixth Place:  $25 student; $15 teacher

  • Seventh to Tenth Place:  $20 student; $10 teacher

*Statewide Competition and that these prizes will be in addition to the division level prizes

for the top winners in the spring competition only. 

           *Schools can only win once for Regionals and States to allow more schools to win. 

**All prizes subject to change at any time without notice 

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