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Fall & Spring Full Semester Programs

Let's Win Prizes!

You will use these skills all your life!
Win in Life!  

Elementary, Middle, and High School
for the Stock Market Challenge Prizes

One Division for the Personal Budgeting Game
Spring Game Only

1st:                $100 student; $60 teacher

2nd:               $50 student; $30 teacher

3rd:                $30 student; $30 teacher

4th-10th:      $20 student; $20 teacher

All prizes are shared prizes.

In the spring programs, sponsored counties receive even more prizes!

View our state map and find out if your county is sponsored! 

Ten days to complete in Google Sheets Data/Prize provided.  All data must be entered by teachers, no students or parents.  No emailed provided data is accepted, as that increases the errors.  We can not accept any responsibility for the wrong email addresses.  No resends of gift cards.  No exceptions.  It's essential to provide a viable and accurate email address, as our limited precious funding is sent electronically, limiting our control.  

Schools can only win once for any single competition, which allows more schools to win.   If pictures are provided by email, you are assuring that officially signed documents are in the school office for public use.  No press releases will be written for those winners that don't provide pictures of teachers and/or students, as they tend not to be published.  We are a teacher organization, so an educator quote and a picture of a teacher are very viable for publication.  


​All prizes subject to change at any time without notice