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Your access to this webpage is exclusively due to the sponsorship you have for your county

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Sponsored School Program

Upload ten or more pitches to and we will have a school level prize of $25 Amazon Gift Card for the winning pitch and a press release to honor your best middle and high school pitch.

Should three or more teachers participate in each high or middle school, that would create a school competition. At that point we will include a teacher prize of $25 for the best pitch.  

Sponsored County Program

The best three high and middle school pitches in each sponsored county/region*  will win a student/teacher prize of $50/ $25 respectfully for a total of six winning pitches.

Upload pitches to for your chance to win the Amazon Gift Cards.  We need a minimum of three middle and/or high school teachers to make a viable competition.

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Additional Programs thanks to your sponsor:
Virtual Entrepreneurship Challenge
In Partnership with the Pennsylvania College of Technology
$3000 total package of prizes
Statewide Championship
Hosted by Penn State University Innovation Park
$10,000 total package of prizes

* County/Region depends upon the sponsors coverage area.

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