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The Personal Finance Lab

Stock Market Challenge, Courses, Lessons, Learning Management System
and Budgeting Game

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All Indiana County schools are invited to participate in the elementary, middle, or high school competitions.

Current Quarter and Full Semester Game Dates

In the Spring, we celebrate with extra special local/county middle and high school competitions  


Spring Full Semester Prizes per County*

First Place - $100 - top game, $25 teacher

Second Place - $50 game, $20 teacher

Third Place - $30 game, $15 teacher

*Must be active games, no cash only portfolios​ 

Past Spring 2021 Rankings
Special funding for our programs has been made available for Indiana County thanks to the following sponsor:
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Our Personal Finance Lab includes a Personal Budgeting Game, LMS-based Curriculum, and a stock market competition.  The Stock Market Challenge offers players in grades 3-12 the opportunity to manage a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio by investing in stocks chosen from the USA markets: American, New York and NASDAQ exchanges. The competition teaches students about investing and encourages financial literacy through hands-on activities in the classroom. For more information on our partnership with these sponsors, View full press release.

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Sponsored Schools

The schools invited to participate are Blairsville-Saltsburg, Homer-Center, Indiana Area, Marion Center Area, Penns Manor Area, Purchase Line, Untied, & more along with other private schools. 

Spring 2021 Rankings

If possible, a virtual  celebration will be held in May to honor the schools, teachers & their students.

If you are ready to create a sponsorship relationship which exceeds your goals and gives you the chance to become a part of our growing, passionate organization, contact us at CShirk@penncfl.org or call 570-975-5149.