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Deam:  Solve Problems, Change the World
Learn:  New Learning Managment System & Events
Pitch:  Upload for prizes.  


Dream-Learn-Pitch provides high and middle school students with a unique opportunity to innovate. Participants gain exposure to the world of entrepreneurship and small business through researching, writing, and presenting their business ideas via a video “pitch,” also known as an elevator speech. Our curriculum jump-starts minds and fosters the development of critical thinking, financial literacy, and risk management skills. Business plans are uploaded to our portal, where they are rigorously reviewed. Generous prizes are awarded to the victors.  

We partner with Pennsylvania universities to teach middle and high schools students to create business plans. Students and teachers attend our conferences and work on mock-up business plans at our partner university for a day, then return to their schools to refine their ideas and submit them to our platform. The top teams are invited to our state competition. Click the buttons below to visit our event pages:

Dates and Registration Links

Dream Conference: November 17th - Susquehanna University

Learn Conference: October 19th - Pennsylvania College of Technology 

Pitch Conference: December 8th - Virtual

Pitch Conference:  February 8th - Virtual

Grand Finale Event: May 1st - Penn State University: Happy Valley LaunchBox

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