Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy sponsors statewide and regional stock market competitions for elementary, middle, and high schools.  These ten-week financial comprehensive programs and competitions are held every fall and spring with more than $10,000 in annual prizes for students and teachers.  Sponsored regional competitions culminate in awards ceremonies recognizing sponsors and students. 


The stock market program teaches students and teachers how to invest in stocks, make stock market trades, analyze markets, and build stock market portfolios while competing with other students.

 PennCFL uses a stock market simulation from StockTrak and it is completely free for teachers and students who want to access it or even provide their own competitions.   The competitions and programs are both fun and educational, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while learning to save and invest in the stock market.  

  Our divisions include:


· Elementary School: Grades 3-6

· Middle School: Grades 7-8

· High School: Grades 9-12


We hold stock market competitions every fall and spring:

 Fall 2019:  October 7 - December 13

Spring 2020:  February 10 - April 17

Fall 2020: October 12 - December 18

 While PennCFL currently sponsors free stock market competitions throughout Pennsylvania, the local award ceremonies are dependent on sponsorship.  At these events, we celebrate teacher and student successes in learning and winning, with local businesses, colleges, and universities in May of each year.  

Our passion is to have students learn about the stock market and prepare them to succeed financially in their personal and professional lives.

FREE for PENNSYLVANIA TEACHERS, SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS: We’re excited to announce the brand new PennCFL Stock Market Challenge Program from a world leader in financial simulations - StockTrak’s Personal Finance Lab. Click here to learn more. Click Here  for  Full Directions  or Summary Directions  

One registration for teachers, "once  and done" - don't re-register for each program.  Here are your very important, yet simple directions. for EXISTING  teachers.  

  • Students no longer register directly..  Teachers receive IDs/PWs in seconds

  • Select your division at the drop-down menu, the password is penncfl.  

  • Begin trading  & use all the online curriculum & assignments immediately. 

  • Re-login  on this site, not at Personal Finance Lab website 

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