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My name is Kevin Smith, Director of Product Development at PersonalFinanceLab.com. As many schools are closing or transitioning to distance learning this Spring, we are bringing our full suite of online resources to the forefront for all teachers.


In addition to the stock game, we are also inviting all schools to participate in our completely free online National Budgeting Contest. Your students will take on the role of a college student with a part-time job, playing through a simulated year of managing their income, expenses, and work/life/study balance. This challenge is also hosted on our PersonalFinanceLab website.


This Budgeting Challenge works alongside the stock game, and we've also published a library of "distance learning-optimized" lesson plans and pre-made PowerPoints that utilize both the Budgeting Game and SME, plus a huge library of resources in our Learning Center to give all schools the very best resources in this difficult time.


How To Register - Teachers

To sign up your class, sign into your existing teacher account for the PennCFL stock game, then click this link:



This will add the National Challenge to your teacher account. To get your students registered, you will need to visit your "Instructor Administration" page and request a fresh batch of student usernames and passwords to distribute to your class.


How To Register - Students

Students can also join the National Challenge using their existing username and password that they use to log in for the PennCFL stock game. Have your students log in to their existing accounts, and click this link to join the National Budgeting Challenge:



Teacher Resource Packet

To help get your class started, I will also be sending out a packet including a teacher tutorial video, lesson plans, and class discussion points on how to best use the Budget Game in your class early next week. We hope to see your class join soon!



Kevin Smith Personal Finance Lab Director of Product Development



We will overcome this challenge together.

- Alan W. Dakey,  PennCFL President

Pennsylvania Council

on Financial Literacy

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