Finance Curriculum

Are you struggling to find finance-related courses and resources for your classroom?

Would you like more engaging and interactive lessons for your students?


PennCFL collaborated with Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF)

to provide you with all of your curriculum-related needs!

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Semester Course:


NGPF took the very best content from our full curriculum and created a semester course of Personal Finance Essentials for every high school student.



18 weeks of daily instruction includes:

Eighty-eight 45-minute class periods

Diagnostic, midterm + final exams

Unit tests to assess student comprehension

Topics Include:

Behavioral Finance


Checking Accounts


Paying for College

Types of Credit

Managing Credit





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For a list of free and interactive resources paired with student activities, click the link below to visit their Interactive Library.

Contact NGPF at to discover other programs and materials that they have to offer!

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