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Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy, (PennCFL) sponsors local, regional, and statewide entrepreneurship competitions that allow students to pitch new business ideas and develop business plans for starting new businesses. Competitions are judged by panels of local business leaders.


• Create ideas for new products and businesses.

• Learn how to write successful business plans.

• Pitch their ideas in competitions with teams from other schools.

• Participate in student conferences with our partner universities.

• Create new ventures and small businesses.

• Be professionally successful.


This one-day student conference is fun and brings students from area schools together. Teams of 2-3 students participate in hands-on activities which help them define and develop their business concepts.


We partner with Pennsylvania universities to teach middle and high schools students to write business plans. Students and teachers attend our conferences and work on mock-up business plans at our partner university for a day, then return to their schools to complete and submit their business plans for prizes approximately three weeks later. The top three teams are invited to our state competition.


Students practice the skills necessary for writing a successful business plan; written and oral communication; math proficiency; economic understanding; technological competence; business aptitude. These are skills which help to prepare students for the world of work.



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