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Eighteen Month Simulation takes 20 minutes to Complete A Month:

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Your students will be challenged to work through six months of our Budgeting Simulation, with each “month” taking about 20 minutes to complete.  They begin as a college students.  Then may continue for another year, as a full-time workers, with all new challenges.

As they progress, they will be challenged to:

  • Set savings goals each month, with bonus points for saving at least 10% of every paycheck

  • Learn to estimate variable expenses based on their historical spending

  • Improve their Credit Score by responsibly using their credit card and keeping their balance low

  • Maintain their Work/Life balance by choosing how to spend their weekends – socializing, taking care of chores, working extra hours, or conducting professional development

  • Build their Quality of Life by spending money wisely – students cannot succeed by just cutting their spending to the bare minimum to survive

  • Understand long-term consequences, as students are hit with “Life Events” (usually an unplanned expense), every few days. Their choices from these events have long-term impacts on how the game progresses for each student.

This Budgeting Game works alongside the stock game, and we've also published a library of "distance learning-optimized" lesson plans and pre-made PowerPoints that utilize both the Budgeting Game and SMC, plus a huge library of resources in our Learning Center to give all schools the very best resources in this difficult time.

Students can also start the Budget Game using their existing username and password from the PennCFL stock challenge, through you. Have your students log into their existing accounts and click here:

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