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Why Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy?

Our New Entrepreneurship Program





Stock Market Challenge  is our main financial literacy program.  Ten-week competitions begin in February and October.  Resources and training are available .  We work with Next Gen Personal Finance for personal finance curriculum.




Our Entrepreneurship Challenges and Competitions exposes middle and high school students to the world of entrepreneurship and small business while at the same time fostering their creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and team building. 



Our partners are so important to the future of students that become our next workforce, neighbors  and citizens.  Meet our friends that are helping them be successful .

 PennCFL is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization.


           Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy (PennCFL). is a 501(c)3 organization and approved by  Pennsylvania's Department of Community & Economic Development as an Educational Improvement Organization.  


PennCFL sponsors financial competitions and entrepreneurial programs resulting in the participation of over 12,500 students in Pennsylvania.  Training and support were provided to hundreds of teachers.


Our mission is to provide Pennsylvania’s K-12 students with economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship skills that elevate their standard of living, quality of life, and professional success.


We showcase exceptional talent across the state, from business, education and government.

Our nonprofit organization is passionate about teaching young people solid financial management skills. Pennsylvania is one of the most rural states in the country because it's largely made up of small towns and rural communities. Many families here struggle to make ends meet. Our goal is to break that pattern by instilling a firm sense of financial competency and responsibility in the next generation.



Our goal is to be the leader in K-12 financial literacy and entrepreneurship education. 

Pennsylvania Council

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Pennsylvania Council

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